Horses and equestrian is a sport that requires controlling and leading horses in a technical and intelligent way to carry out certain tasks or to participate in horse races.

Equestrian training includes training the rider to communicate with the horse and teaching him to control movement, speed and balance . This also includes training the horse to respond to the rider’s orders and teaching it different skills such as jumping, spinning and racing.

Horses and equestrian sports are traditional and beloved in many cultures and countries. It also requires high skills and great concentration from the rider, which makes it a useful sport for the development of both physical and mental capabilities.


(Equestrian) Equestrian is a sport that involves training and riding horses for various purposes. This sport includes many disciplines such as show jumping, dressage, western equestrian and field rally.

Basic equestrian training includes teaching the horse obedience and control by the rider, in addition to teaching the horse the skills necessary to practice the chosen specialty. Equestrian requires physical and mental skills from the rider, as the rider must have good balance and control of his body, and he must be able to communicate effectively with the horse and direct to achieve the required goals.



Equestrian levels vary from amateur to professional levels, as riders participate in competitions and tournaments

all over the world. Equestrian competitions include sprints, show jumping, dressage, and western equestrian, in

addition to many other disciplines.

Equestrian is one of the popular sports around the world, as it provides opportunities to practice sports and learn new techniques, in addition to enjoying nature, the calm atmosphere and stunning scenery.

Equestrian includes many different disciplines and activities, including:

1- Showjumping: It is a specialty that requires riders and horses to cross different obstacles at the highest possible speed and with the least possible number of errors.

2- Dressage: It is a technique of teaching the horse the basic movements, and it includes training the horse on lateral movements, stopping, deviation, walking and running.

3- Western equestrian: This equestrian includes many disciplines such as horse riding in general, hunting, herding, skiing and racing.

4- Field assembly: It is a type of equestrian in which horses and riders are taught to deal with external factors. Field assembly includes riding horses in mountainous, desert and agricultural areas.

Equestrian is a sport that is beneficial for physical and psychological health, as it strengthens muscles and improves balance and coordination between the body and mind. Equestrianism also helps to improve self-confidence and positive thinking, and increases belonging and a sense of comfort

black heart equestrian



“Suphakamol Wattanadit” Thai equestrian runner made world famous The first Thai person to participate in the famous competition in France in the art of dressage

On October 16, 2021, “Bam” Subkamon Watanadit, a Thai Persian athlete. Create an amazing upset by taking second place on day one and third on day two of the CDI 3*U25 GrandPrix in France, CDI 3*Le Mans, with his horse Dreamboat BCN. The 13-year-old trained together for just two months and is the first Thai athlete to be able to participate in the U25 Grandprix competition as the first person with the aim of qualifying. Compete in dressage at the 2022 World Equestrian Games and 2024 Olympic Games.

However, Watanadate’s “Bam” Subakamon is competing in the Grand Prix category. Model no more than 25 years old. In this class competition, there will be a total of 5 judges to award points from different positions. By the rules the young Thai contestant did a great job in her first race. Scored up to 67.088 per cent, finished second on day one and 65.025 per cent, third on day two While the champion went to the United Kingdom, Emily Bradshaw scored 68.059 per cent and 66.590 per cent for “Bam” Subakamon

Watanadate  . He was born on January 30, 1997. He started equestrian sports from the age of 12. Competed in many events since 2012 1st place in King of Thailand Cup 2013 Championship (Primary) 1st place Thailand CDI Dressage (Intermediate) 2014 and 2015 1st place 43rd National Games 2015 Training at Bartel Academy, Netherlands with Imke Schellekens-Bartel. Players of the Netherlands national team, which participated in the Olympics twice and won the World Championships

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