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pony No matter how many ages horses have always remained a popular pet. Because in addition to being used as a means of traveling as well as carrying out various activities in daily life it also has a beautiful shape . Horse breeds especially in Thailand that have a strong body. They have hard, thick hooves, as well as being a breed of horse that is kind to humans as well.

Nowadays, most people tend to use horses for competition. Breeding and others, this article provides knowledge about horses. Whether it is the appearance or the type of horse including the breeds of horses popular for their breeding as well as how to take care of the horses so they can be fed properly this allows the owner to live happily with the horse as if he had another companion.


horse character

A horse is an animal longer than 14.2 hands or 56.8 inches, and it is either a large horse, with a thick body, or a horse with a slender figure. Agile looks Horse characteristics vary by breed . Including the age of the horse as well, in addition to each breed itself. All of them have different body colors. As a result, some horse breeds have very distinctive and beautiful characteristics.

horse color

By the color of the horse, it can be divided into several colors, including black, brown, dark gray, etc., by changing the color of the coat or body of each horse. It depends on various factors such as the age of the horse, etc. In addition, even if it is from the same breed of horses. They can also have slightly different coat colors or skin tones. For example

Black horses will appear   black from the mane, body, and tail, but may have white legs. This can happen with crossbred horses.

Auburn  horse  is also known as glowing. The appearance of this type of horse is somewhat dark red. Especially in the hair area 

Light brown is   a characteristic found in most horse breeds in Thailand. which has a dark brown, almost black mane while the body is brighter brown

horse age


The age of a horse can be divided into 3 main stages as follows:

Newborn horses (0-2 years old) in their early stages should be closely monitored   , including grasping, touching, stroking the neck, or grasping the tail, including feeding. So that the foal gets used to it and can learn and remember.

A young foal   (2-4 years old) when it is fully grown and weaned. It’s time to learn. Both in terms of movement, walking, eating and other things. Important in life is the age ready to train

An adult horse   (from 5 years to 25-30 years), which is the average lifespan of this pet. An adult horse can be trained.  For these horses to be effective, they need to be taken care of. To complete physical and mental health until entering old age


horse behaviour

In addition to horse characteristics to know it is also important to understand horse behavior. Because if you know the horse’s habits and get used to it, the horse will become another friendly animal and will love its owner just like any other kind of animal. horses as follows.

Horses  are social animals. Because horses are fearful and paranoid animals. So they tend to live together in a herd, besides being in a group there and thus enhancing the instinct to escape other wildlife is also better

Horses tend  to be curious. Which can be seen from the ears moving back and forth

Horses are  sleepless animals. For those wondering how many hours a horse sleeps per day and how it sleeps. In fact, horses only get three hours of sleep a day, with horses able to stand up for short naps. Or lying on the floor to help you sleep better

Horses  during mating  Horses start breeding usually between 4 and 12 years old, as this is when the horse is in good health and ideal for the birth of foals. Also, it only takes 11 months to get pregnant.


horse type

After learning about the characteristics of the horse such as color or age including the behavior of the horse. Many people may wonder how many types of horses are there? According to the principle of classification, horses can be divided into 3 types as follows

hot blood horse (hot blood)

A warm-blooded or warm-blooded horse is a type of horse that lives in tropical or warm climates. Because of the temperature of that region, which leads to this type of horse having thin skin and hair. So that the body cools well also in a slender form and thus able to run fast as well as Arabian or purebred horses, for example.

cold blooded horse (cold blooded)

A cold-blooded or cold-blooded horse is another type of horse that lives in cold regions. Most of them are very large and have thick fur to keep their bodies warm. In addition, compared to warm-blooded horses, their movements are slower. The behavior of cold-blooded horses tends to have an elegant character. He loves peace very much

Warm blood horse

A warm-blooded horse is a horse born from the cross between a warm-blooded and a cold-blooded horse. So he is able to benefit from these two types of horses. This type of horse has a slender body, looks slender and moves well. As a result, many people are famous for warm-blooded horses as well.

Popular horse breeds

When the era changed in the past, people were popular with horses to travel. So it changed to be used as a farm horse for a sporting event, farming or an activity to learn  how to ride a horse  . Here are the breeds of horses that are famous for being bred in Thailand.

Thai horses 

Most Thai horses have a powerful physique. Tight and beautiful muscles, they also have solid hooves and are resistant to environmental conditions and weather conditions. Originally, the Thai horse breed is descended from the Mongolian horse breed. Which is fast and can carry weight well Now most Thai horses are mixed breeds.


Arabian horse

The Arabian horse or Arabian horse It is a warm-blooded horse that originated from regions with high temperatures. Which makes a stout body a tall and airy character that is also strong. Therefore, it is a very popular horse breed in Thailand.

American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse is one of the horses most people need for herding. Because in addition to being a cold blooded horse with good looks they are also very fast horses and are ideal for breeding farms or recreational riding.

Morgan Horse

The Morgan Horse is a well-bred American horse with a muscular build and great leg strength. Therefore, in the past, it was used in equestrian competitions or military competitions. With the appearance and demeanor of this completely tame horse. After being well bred and trained too, for those wondering what horses eat for this food. This horse can eat coarse and thick fodder.

horse paint

The Paint Horse or American Paint Horse is a very popular Western Paint Horse. Because of the American Quarter or Thoroughbred breed, they are beautiful and powerful animals.


Coming to the last thoroughbred horse or thoroughbred horse is famous for running, so it is often seen in equestrian sports, but fast because of the behavior of this type of horse that seems fierce. So it requires caution when riding

Horse care

Before you decide to breed a horse, you must learn about the characteristics and behaviors of horses, such as what the horse eats. How many hours does a horse sleep? Or how many types of horses are there? Because it will help the breeder make better breeding decisions, including knowing how to care for horses for good health and longevity.

Feed your body with good nutrition.

As for the question of what horses eat, in most cases there are two main things: roughage or grass and plants rich in fiber. And food grains rich in building materials, but other factors such as the shape of the horse must be considered. In order to provide the right amount of food

Create an environment conducive to living and sleeping

Horses are naturally afraid. When encountering people or distractions, it can cause fear or stress, so creating the right environment will help keep horses mentally healthy. For example providing a place for horses to live in a pasture or a large area. Because horses are animals that love to run. Or set up stables to have a peace without distraction so that the horse can fully rest 

Take them outside for a run

With the behavior of horses that like to move or run, it is important to take your horse for a run. Because it will help the horse use the body for movement and also help reduce stress. And it adds happiness to the horse, too

Take a clean shower

Because the horse is a hairy animal, so for the health of the horse’s fur and skin. Therefore, you must bathe the horse regularly. At least once a week to prevent germs and bacteria. that may cause horse disease

Regular medical examinations

To ensure that all horses are healthy and free of various possible diseases, regular check-ups every year can help reduce your risk of disease. It also helps in identifying the characteristics or symptoms that the horse is experiencing.

Give the horses love and warmth

Although the horse is fed important nutrition. Or creating a good environment etc. will help the horse to be healthy and strong. But it is also important to give horses love and warmth. This will help reinforce the horse’s behavior in a more positive light.


The horse is a unique and beautiful animal. Horse breeds especially in Thailand that have a unique identity so make them desirable for many people, however, for those who want to breed a horse. The horse’s behavior must be studied well before this. What the horse eats, how the horse sleeps, how many hours the horse sleeps, etc., which may take into account the horse’s habits, behavior or age. To ensure that the companion pet will be healthy and strong. Including a good emotional and mental state as well

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